Review #38: Glenfarclas 17

  1. This is a review of Glenfarclas 17 bottled at 43%. Thanks to /u/Devoz for the sample.

    N: Baked apple and pear, honey, sultanas, damp leaves, apricots, orange peel, ginger.

    P: Raisins, apples, pepper, vanilla, honey, cinnamon, oak.

    F: Medium-long. Brown sugar, oak, ginger, and orange peel.

    Overall: Compared to the 15 this is not as sherry rich and is more balanced between the ex-bourbon and sherry notes. The notes are also not as loud but are more harmonious, subtle, and complex. The mouthfeel did take a step backward from the 15 and I really wonder why they didn’t also bottle this at 46%. In the end this is a different than the 15 but just as good in my opinion. If I had a bottle of the 17 I could see myself going back and forth between them equally depending on my mood.

    Score: 83


Review #37: Glenfarclas 15

This is a review of Glenfarclas 15 bottled at 46%. The sample for this review came from my own bottle.

N: Dried fruits – raisins and prunes, orange marmalade, lemon, chocolate, vanilla, green wood, apricots.

P: Raisins and oranges, oak, lemon, chocolate, fruitcake, cinnamon.

F: Medium-long. Raisins, orange peel, and some oak.

Overall: Recognizably the same family as the 12 year but with a much darker and richer sherry influence. A lot of the weaknesses in the 12 were addressed in this expression but I still felt it was missing a little something, some additional depth and complexity perhaps, for it to go from a good dram to a great one. A step in the right direction and a dram that will hit the spot when in the mood for some sherried malt.

Score: 83

Review #35: Glenmorangie 18

This is a review of Glenmorangie 18 bottled at 43%. The sample for this review came from a swap from a while back with a member who is no longer on the network.

N: Fresh. Rich heather honey, strawberry, floral, orange pound cake. Similar to the 10 but much richer and more pleasant.

P: Fresh again. Honey and apple, lemon cake this time with some orange peel, vanilla.

F: Medium. A lot more pleasant than the 10 here. Honey, citrus, floral and a bit nutty.

Overall: Very nicely balanced and quite a bit more complex compared to the 10. The nose and finish in particular are much better with the notes being much clearer and overall just tastier. While you can definitely tell this is from the same family as the 10 it has really developed with the additional 8 years (eg. grass became flowers, light honey became rich heather honey etc.) while still preserving the same malty light character at its core.

Score: 84

Review #34: Glenmorangie 10

This is a review of Glenmorangie 10 bottled at 40%. Thanks to /u/Justin89 for the sample.

N: Light, apples, pears and a little bit of peach, honey, floral, some citrus. Pretty simple.

P: Very thin and light, malty, butterscotch, apples, grass, citrus, slightly bitter.

F: Short. Some malt, fruit, and honey.

Overall: I find this to be very straightforward, thin, and ultimately a little bit boring and forgettable. It’s easy to drink but is lacking depth and has a very short finish. This could possibly be a decent summer dram if you want something easy drinking during the warmer months but there are so many alternatives that fit that category that I’d personally pick something else over this. I definitely recommend trying this before committing to a bottle.

Score: 74

Review #32: Amrut Naarangi

This is a review of Amrut Naarangi bottled at 50%. The sample for this review came from a bottle spilt I did a while ago.

N: Orange peel and candied orange, lemon, clove, mint, cinnamon, hints of other fruits such as banana and papaya. The tropical fruits become bigger with time.

P: Malty, spicy, and fruity with oranges leading the way. Ginger, clove, chocolate, oranges, pineapple, banana, raisins.

F: Long. Malt, clove, orange peel.

Overall: An interesting experiment that turned out very well, count me a fan. Very nicely balanced and definitely unique. The oranges lead the way but we’re not overdone as the spices and other fruits were there in the background and gave it depth. I think this was a great idea and I hope Amrut tries it again one day.

Score: 86

Review #29: Laphroaig 15 200th Anniversary

This is a review of Laphroaig 15 200th anniversary edition bottled at 43%. The sample for this review came from a dram I had at a bar in a glencairn.

N: Medicinal but not very smoky, bandages, tire rubber, brine, lemon, oranges, vanilla, dry grass, pine needles.

P: Iodine, ash, vanilla, grilled fruit, salt, orange peel, soft smoke.

F: Medium-long. Smoky fruit notes fade out.

Overall: This is good but I was expecting more. The nose was the best part and then the notes became a little flat on the palate. It has no obvious flaws but was thinner and gentler than I would have liked and I really wonder why they did not bottle this at 48%. Maybe I have been spoiled by some excellent cask strength Laphroaig I have had a chance to try lately but this one fell a little short for me.

Score: 82

Review #27: anCnoc 22

This is a review of anCnoc 22 bottled at 46%. The sample for this review came from a dram I had at a bar in a glencairn.

N: Dried fruits, strawberry compote, dark honey, candied orange, magnolia, cinnamon hearts. Very nice and fresh.

P: Strawberry, raisins, cinnamon buns, dark honey, tangerines, cloves, oak. Dessert like and complex.

F: Medium-long. Dried fruit, oranges, and oak spice.

Overall: I enjoyed this one quite a bit. I found it to be light but complex with nice clear dessert like notes that never became too sweet and some spice to balance it out. I think some extra proof to push this above 50% abv would give it a little extra punch that I think is needed for it to really be great, but this is very well done in my opinion and I’d be happy to sip on this anytime.

Score: 87