Review #41: Glenfarclas 25

This is a review of Glenfarclas 25 bottled at 43%. The sample for this review came from a sample from /u/Lasidar from a long while back.

N: Classic dried fruit sherry notes, sultanas, honey, lemon zest, orange, wet earth, apricot, strawberry, becomes a bit grassy and floral with time.

P: Raisins/sultanas, strawberries, apricot, brown sugar, vanilla, oak, some mild spices (cinnamon and nutmeg).

F: Medium-long. Orange peel, raisins, oak.

Overall: I found this to be similar to the 21 but with a heavier sherry influence and a touch more oak. The nose has more classic sherry notes than the 21 and is less bright and fresh but is otherwise very similar. Its pretty light overall but especially on the palate where I was expecting more intensity and depth of flavour. I personally prefer the freshness and vibrancy of the 21 more. This is definitely a pleasant dram but I was expecting more and in my opinion this is not worth the extra cost over the younger Glenfarclas expressions.

Score: 85


Review #38: Glenfarclas 17

  1. This is a review of Glenfarclas 17 bottled at 43%. Thanks to /u/Devoz for the sample.

    N: Baked apple and pear, honey, sultanas, damp leaves, apricots, orange peel, ginger.

    P: Raisins, apples, pepper, vanilla, honey, cinnamon, oak.

    F: Medium-long. Brown sugar, oak, ginger, and orange peel.

    Overall: Compared to the 15 this is not as sherry rich and is more balanced between the ex-bourbon and sherry notes. The notes are also not as loud but are more harmonious, subtle, and complex. The mouthfeel did take a step backward from the 15 and I really wonder why they didn’t also bottle this at 46%. In the end this is a different than the 15 but just as good in my opinion. If I had a bottle of the 17 I could see myself going back and forth between them equally depending on my mood.

    Score: 83

Review #36: Glenfarclas 12

This is a review of Glenfarclas 12 bottled at 43%. The sample for this review came from my own bottle.

N: Sweet raisins, strawberry jam, candied oranges, lemon, after some time it becomes more malty with some walnuts. Light and sweet nose that is not overly complex.

P: Fresh red fruits, raisins, honey, malt, lemon, some ginger and slightly earthy.

F: Medium. Raisins, honey and some ginger.

Overall: A solid straightforward dram. It’s not spectacular but is a nice, light, simple, easy drinking intro to sherried single malts. Some additional richness, complexity, and a longer finish would really improve this but as it stands is a nice dram that I reached for when I wasn’t in the mood to be particularly challenged.

Score: 79

Review #32: Amrut Naarangi

This is a review of Amrut Naarangi bottled at 50%. The sample for this review came from a bottle spilt I did a while ago.

N: Orange peel and candied orange, lemon, clove, mint, cinnamon, hints of other fruits such as banana and papaya. The tropical fruits become bigger with time.

P: Malty, spicy, and fruity with oranges leading the way. Ginger, clove, chocolate, oranges, pineapple, banana, raisins.

F: Long. Malt, clove, orange peel.

Overall: An interesting experiment that turned out very well, count me a fan. Very nicely balanced and definitely unique. The oranges lead the way but we’re not overdone as the spices and other fruits were there in the background and gave it depth. I think this was a great idea and I hope Amrut tries it again one day.

Score: 86

Review #28: Bushmills 16

This is a review of Bushmills 16 bottled at 40%. The sample for this review came from my own bottle.

N: Very fruity with lots of red fruits (plums, dates, figs) as well as some banana and peaches, chocolate, mint, oak, orange peel. Nice and rich and fruity.

P: Very fruity again, pineapple, peaches and cream, honey, banana, raisins, milk chocolate, oak. Very thin.

F: Short. Peaches, cocoa, and oak. Slightly bitter at the end.

Overall: I love the flavours that came from the combination of bourbon, sherry, and port casks used to mature this. The dark fruits and chocolate mixed with the lighter more tropical fruits and honey were just delicious together. However, in my opinion being bottled at 40% and chill filtered just killed what could be a great whisky as the flavours are too muted with a watery mouthfeel. The whisky starts very nice with a lovely nose then starts to go downhill as the palate is also nice but washed out and then the finish too short and weak. If Bushmills took a lesson from Teeling and bottled this at 46% this could be fantastic.

Score: 80

Review #20: Glenlivet Nadurra Oloroso

This is a review of Glenlivet Nadurra Oloroso bottled at 60.7%. Sample for the review came from a swap I did with /u/Lasidar.

N: Very fruity right away, dates, raspberry jam, vanilla, wax, apples, some citrus, really small amount of hay and nuts. A bit of heat but not too bad for 60%+.

P: I find this much hotter than the nose. Dry sherry up front, cherry syrup, apples, honey, nuts, cocoa powder, ginger, nice mouthfeel but this feels young as I’m not getting a lot of depth to the notes.

F: Medium. Sherry sweetness and some nuttiness carry for a bit before stopping abruptly.

Overall: This is not a bad dram by any means and everything definitely works, but it tastes young to me as its lacking depth and the finish stops very suddenly which was a surprise. If you are craving a sherry blast this should hit the spot but I feel like there are better options for a young sherry bombs and I’ll be sticking with A’bunadh or Glenfarclas 105 when looking for something in this category.

Score: 82

Review #6: Glendronach 1971 43y PX Single Cask

This is the 1971 Glendronach 43 year PX single cask at 48.6% abv for my sixth whisky review.

N: Raisins, old leather, dried leaves, lots of rich dried fruits, prunes, dates, figs, orange peel, gunpowder, pencils, you can definitely smell the oak but it’s not too much, there is some fresh fruit like strawberry as well, grape skins, balsamic. I nosed this for about 30 minutes before taking my first sip. Very complex.

P: A long, slow arrival with a thick mouthfeel. Raisins dominate again, oak, ginger, prunes/dates/figs again, its dry overall with a cooling aftertaste (like the sensation of mint but without the taste of mint), brown sugar like sweetness.

F: Pretty long but nothing crazy. You notice the wood/oak more here. Leather, less fruity than the nose or taste, brown sugar again.

Water: I didn’t add any water to this one. It was delicious at full strength and I only had 1 oz. so I wasn’t going to mess around with it.

Overall: This is the best whisky experience I’ve ever had to this point in my life. It had everything you’d want in a sherry bomb with so much added depth and great balance with the musty leather and oak notes. My new whisky goal is to somehow find something better.

Score: There’s no point in giving this an actual number value. It’s great. The best I’ve had and way better than something I’d previously rate around 90. If I had to I’d probably put it in the 96-99 range but I’d have to try a few more of this caliber before I’d know what the score should actually be.