Review #35: Glenmorangie 18

This is a review of Glenmorangie 18 bottled at 43%. The sample for this review came from a swap from a while back with a member who is no longer on the network.

N: Fresh. Rich heather honey, strawberry, floral, orange pound cake. Similar to the 10 but much richer and more pleasant.

P: Fresh again. Honey and apple, lemon cake this time with some orange peel, vanilla.

F: Medium. A lot more pleasant than the 10 here. Honey, citrus, floral and a bit nutty.

Overall: Very nicely balanced and quite a bit more complex compared to the 10. The nose and finish in particular are much better with the notes being much clearer and overall just tastier. While you can definitely tell this is from the same family as the 10 it has really developed with the additional 8 years (eg. grass became flowers, light honey became rich heather honey etc.) while still preserving the same malty light character at its core.

Score: 84


Review #34: Glenmorangie 10

This is a review of Glenmorangie 10 bottled at 40%. Thanks to /u/Justin89 for the sample.

N: Light, apples, pears and a little bit of peach, honey, floral, some citrus. Pretty simple.

P: Very thin and light, malty, butterscotch, apples, grass, citrus, slightly bitter.

F: Short. Some malt, fruit, and honey.

Overall: I find this to be very straightforward, thin, and ultimately a little bit boring and forgettable. It’s easy to drink but is lacking depth and has a very short finish. This could possibly be a decent summer dram if you want something easy drinking during the warmer months but there are so many alternatives that fit that category that I’d personally pick something else over this. I definitely recommend trying this before committing to a bottle.

Score: 74

Review #33: Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or

This is a review of Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or bottled at 46%. The sample for this review came from my own bottle.

N: Lots of honey, sultanas, some grass, peaches.

P: Honey, malt, baklava, sultanas, pistachios.

F: Medium. Sultanas, lemon, and slightly grassy.

Overall: I find this one too sweet and simple for my tastes. It doesn’t really have any off notes but it’s very honey dominant and is lacking complexity. I just found the flavours to be lacking somewhat. All that said, in my experience so far I’ve yet to find a sauternes matured/finished scotch I’ve liked so if you’ve enjoyed others this could be worth a shot. The style just isn’t for me as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so they will be something I’ll likely avoid going forward.

Score: 77

Review #18: Highland Park 15

This is a review of Highland Park 15 bottled at 40%. Sample for the review came from a swap I did a while back with /u/Devoz.

N: Blood orange, leather, lemon peel, dried leaves, soil, baked apple with honey and raisins.

P: Sweet peat, soft smoke, clove, orange, baked apple, ginger. The mouthfeel is really thin.

F: Medium. Soft smoke, baking spices, and cooked fruit.

Overall: This is different than Highland Park 12 but I wouldn’t say it is better. The mild smoke, cooked fruit and earthy flavours I really enjoyed together and this could have been a really nice dram but unfortunately the notes were all a little muted and the mouthfeel was so thin it detracted from everything. Saying that this would really benefit from being bottled at 46% and being non chill filtered is a huge understatement. If you are a fan of Highland Park and want a change of pace from the 12 year old I’d recommend giving this a try but if you’re not I think you can skip this and not miss out on too much.

Score: 80

Review #14: Dalwhinnie 15

This is a review of Dalwhinnie 15 bottled at 43%. The sample for this review came from my own bottle.

N: Honey, arrowroot cookies, floral, slightly herbal, a whisp of smoke so feint I don’t notice it every time.

P: Dark honey, malt, baklava, mild stone fruits (pear and peach), very slightly herbal again.

F: Short to medium. Nothing new here. Honey and malt that fades pretty quickly with a slight bitterness.

Overall: I’m not a big fan of this one. It pretty inoffensive and has no obvious flaws but is a little flat, simple and forgettable for me to really enjoy. A step up from Glenlivet/Glenfiddich 12 but not something I will be craving any time soon.

Score: 77