Review #40: Wiser’s Dissertation

This is a review of Wiser’s Dissertation bottled at 46.1%. The sample for this review came from a bottle generously provided by Wiser’s for the Toronto Whisky Society. If you are not familiar with the background on this bottle I highly recommend you read up on it here.

N: Rye bread, molasses, pepper, green banana, caraway, vanilla, mint, cinnamon

P: Pepper, caramel, rye bread, vanilla, herbal, oak, anise, slightly bitter. Nice mouthfeel.

F: Medium-long. Lots of pepper, vanilla and brown sugar.

Overall: One of the better Canadian whiskies I’ve had. Lots of rye spices but there is a balance with the sweet vanilla and caramel/brown sugar. There really are quite a lot of classic bourbon/rye notes in this one. I love how there are more and more Canadian whiskies with big bold interesting flavours instead of the traditional quiet and sweet profiles most are used to. I’m looking forward to getting my own bottle of this once released.

Score: 84