Review #41: Glenfarclas 25

This is a review of Glenfarclas 25 bottled at 43%. The sample for this review came from a sample from /u/Lasidar from a long while back.

N: Classic dried fruit sherry notes, sultanas, honey, lemon zest, orange, wet earth, apricot, strawberry, becomes a bit grassy and floral with time.

P: Raisins/sultanas, strawberries, apricot, brown sugar, vanilla, oak, some mild spices (cinnamon and nutmeg).

F: Medium-long. Orange peel, raisins, oak.

Overall: I found this to be similar to the 21 but with a heavier sherry influence and a touch more oak. The nose has more classic sherry notes than the 21 and is less bright and fresh but is otherwise very similar. Its pretty light overall but especially on the palate where I was expecting more intensity and depth of flavour. I personally prefer the freshness and vibrancy of the 21 more. This is definitely a pleasant dram but I was expecting more and in my opinion this is not worth the extra cost over the younger Glenfarclas expressions.

Score: 85