Review #38: Glenfarclas 17

  1. This is a review of Glenfarclas 17 bottled at 43%. Thanks to /u/Devoz for the sample.

    N: Baked apple and pear, honey, sultanas, damp leaves, apricots, orange peel, ginger.

    P: Raisins, apples, pepper, vanilla, honey, cinnamon, oak.

    F: Medium-long. Brown sugar, oak, ginger, and orange peel.

    Overall: Compared to the 15 this is not as sherry rich and is more balanced between the ex-bourbon and sherry notes. The notes are also not as loud but are more harmonious, subtle, and complex. The mouthfeel did take a step backward from the 15 and I really wonder why they didn’t also bottle this at 46%. In the end this is a different than the 15 but just as good in my opinion. If I had a bottle of the 17 I could see myself going back and forth between them equally depending on my mood.

    Score: 83