Review #36: Glenfarclas 12

This is a review of Glenfarclas 12 bottled at 43%. The sample for this review came from my own bottle.

N: Sweet raisins, strawberry jam, candied oranges, lemon, after some time it becomes more malty with some walnuts. Light and sweet nose that is not overly complex.

P: Fresh red fruits, raisins, honey, malt, lemon, some ginger and slightly earthy.

F: Medium. Raisins, honey and some ginger.

Overall: A solid straightforward dram. It’s not spectacular but is a nice, light, simple, easy drinking intro to sherried single malts. Some additional richness, complexity, and a longer finish would really improve this but as it stands is a nice dram that I reached for when I wasn’t in the mood to be particularly challenged.

Score: 79


Review #33: Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or

This is a review of Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or bottled at 46%. The sample for this review came from my own bottle.

N: Lots of honey, sultanas, some grass, peaches.

P: Honey, malt, baklava, sultanas, pistachios.

F: Medium. Sultanas, lemon, and slightly grassy.

Overall: I find this one too sweet and simple for my tastes. It doesn’t really have any off notes but it’s very honey dominant and is lacking complexity. I just found the flavours to be lacking somewhat. All that said, in my experience so far I’ve yet to find a sauternes matured/finished scotch I’ve liked so if you’ve enjoyed others this could be worth a shot. The style just isn’t for me as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so they will be something I’ll likely avoid going forward.

Score: 77

Review #25: Aultmore 12

This is a review of Aultmore 12 bottled at 46%. Thanks to /u/Throzen for the sample.

N: Malt, pear, a lot of grass, vanilla, lime zest, pencil shavings, wet stones, nice balance between dry and sweet notes

P: Apples and pears, malt, grass, lime, dry, honey, pepper, graham crackers

F: Medium. Drying, malty, grass is prominent

Overall: Quite a nice young Speysider. Personally I really like how it has a dry profile as I tend to not like overly sweet whisky. It’s not extremely complex but has enough going on to keep things interesting. This is the first OB Aultmore I’ve had but I’ve had a couple IB’s before and their stuff continues to surprise me as I think this is a solid release that I’d take over quite a few entry-level drams.

Score: 79