Review #34: Glenmorangie 10

This is a review of Glenmorangie 10 bottled at 40%. Thanks to /u/Justin89 for the sample.

N: Light, apples, pears and a little bit of peach, honey, floral, some citrus. Pretty simple.

P: Very thin and light, malty, butterscotch, apples, grass, citrus, slightly bitter.

F: Short. Some malt, fruit, and honey.

Overall: I find this to be very straightforward, thin, and ultimately a little bit boring and forgettable. It’s easy to drink but is lacking depth and has a very short finish. This could possibly be a decent summer dram if you want something easy drinking during the warmer months but there are so many alternatives that fit that category that I’d personally pick something else over this. I definitely recommend trying this before committing to a bottle.

Score: 74


Review #33: Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or

This is a review of Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or bottled at 46%. The sample for this review came from my own bottle.

N: Lots of honey, sultanas, some grass, peaches.

P: Honey, malt, baklava, sultanas, pistachios.

F: Medium. Sultanas, lemon, and slightly grassy.

Overall: I find this one too sweet and simple for my tastes. It doesn’t really have any off notes but it’s very honey dominant and is lacking complexity. I just found the flavours to be lacking somewhat. All that said, in my experience so far I’ve yet to find a sauternes matured/finished scotch I’ve liked so if you’ve enjoyed others this could be worth a shot. The style just isn’t for me as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so they will be something I’ll likely avoid going forward.

Score: 77

Review #32: Amrut Naarangi

This is a review of Amrut Naarangi bottled at 50%. The sample for this review came from a bottle spilt I did a while ago.

N: Orange peel and candied orange, lemon, clove, mint, cinnamon, hints of other fruits such as banana and papaya. The tropical fruits become bigger with time.

P: Malty, spicy, and fruity with oranges leading the way. Ginger, clove, chocolate, oranges, pineapple, banana, raisins.

F: Long. Malt, clove, orange peel.

Overall: An interesting experiment that turned out very well, count me a fan. Very nicely balanced and definitely unique. The oranges lead the way but we’re not overdone as the spices and other fruits were there in the background and gave it depth. I think this was a great idea and I hope Amrut tries it again one day.

Score: 86

Review #31: Amrut Bangalore Tiger Single Cask

This is a review of Amrut Bangalore Tiger which is a Canada only ex-bourbon, PX sherry finished single cask bottled at 50.5%. The sample for this review came from a bottle split I did a while back.

N:Malty and spicy. Nutmeg, cinnamon, banana, green tea, some oak.

P: Malt, unripe banana, ginger, nutmeg, chocolate.

F: Very long and warming. Cinnamon. Bitter.

Overall: Not a bad dram but I’ve had much better from Amrut. I didn’t notice a lot of sherry influence and thought the core distillery profile shows through well. It was also a lot hotter than I expected with a bit of bitterness on the finish; I found that both of these things improved with a bit of water and I’d recommend adding a bit if you get a chance to try this.

Score: 82

Review #30: Masterson’s 10 year old Rye

This is a review of Masterson’s 10 year old 100% Rye bottled at 45%. The sample for this review came from my own bottle #22328 from batch #005

N: Spicy and a bit earthy. Mint, caraway, black pepper, some sweet caramel, orange peel, some fruit (Apple? Melon?), black licorice comes with time in the glass.

P: Rye bread, caraway, pepper, cherry, orange, mint, anise, some oak, cinnamon. Spicy.

F: Medium-long. Spicy with some orange, oak, cinnamon and pepper.

Overall: I think this is a decent, spicy, 100% Canadian rye. It’s a little unbalanced as it’s very spicy and the sweet and fruit aspects are very mild, but I like spicy ryes so it worked for me overall as a daily sipper. I do wish it didn’t have as much black licorice/anise though because I’m not really a fan. Unfortunately, for me this is a step down from the always good and available Lot 40 and is more than double the cost where I am. A decent alternative if you’re looking for a change of pace, but since Lot 40 is so much cheaper just get Lot 40.

Score: 79

Review #29: Laphroaig 15 200th Anniversary

This is a review of Laphroaig 15 200th anniversary edition bottled at 43%. The sample for this review came from a dram I had at a bar in a glencairn.

N: Medicinal but not very smoky, bandages, tire rubber, brine, lemon, oranges, vanilla, dry grass, pine needles.

P: Iodine, ash, vanilla, grilled fruit, salt, orange peel, soft smoke.

F: Medium-long. Smoky fruit notes fade out.

Overall: This is good but I was expecting more. The nose was the best part and then the notes became a little flat on the palate. It has no obvious flaws but was thinner and gentler than I would have liked and I really wonder why they did not bottle this at 48%. Maybe I have been spoiled by some excellent cask strength Laphroaig I have had a chance to try lately but this one fell a little short for me.

Score: 82

Review #28: Bushmills 16

This is a review of Bushmills 16 bottled at 40%. The sample for this review came from my own bottle.

N: Very fruity with lots of red fruits (plums, dates, figs) as well as some banana and peaches, chocolate, mint, oak, orange peel. Nice and rich and fruity.

P: Very fruity again, pineapple, peaches and cream, honey, banana, raisins, milk chocolate, oak. Very thin.

F: Short. Peaches, cocoa, and oak. Slightly bitter at the end.

Overall: I love the flavours that came from the combination of bourbon, sherry, and port casks used to mature this. The dark fruits and chocolate mixed with the lighter more tropical fruits and honey were just delicious together. However, in my opinion being bottled at 40% and chill filtered just killed what could be a great whisky as the flavours are too muted with a watery mouthfeel. The whisky starts very nice with a lovely nose then starts to go downhill as the palate is also nice but washed out and then the finish too short and weak. If Bushmills took a lesson from Teeling and bottled this at 46% this could be fantastic.

Score: 80