Review #32: Amrut Naarangi

This is a review of Amrut Naarangi bottled at 50%. The sample for this review came from a bottle spilt I did a while ago.

N: Orange peel and candied orange, lemon, clove, mint, cinnamon, hints of other fruits such as banana and papaya. The tropical fruits become bigger with time.

P: Malty, spicy, and fruity with oranges leading the way. Ginger, clove, chocolate, oranges, pineapple, banana, raisins.

F: Long. Malt, clove, orange peel.

Overall: An interesting experiment that turned out very well, count me a fan. Very nicely balanced and definitely unique. The oranges lead the way but we’re not overdone as the spices and other fruits were there in the background and gave it depth. I think this was a great idea and I hope Amrut tries it again one day.

Score: 86


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