Review #30: Masterson’s 10 year old Rye

This is a review of Masterson’s 10 year old 100% Rye bottled at 45%. The sample for this review came from my own bottle #22328 from batch #005

N: Spicy and a bit earthy. Mint, caraway, black pepper, some sweet caramel, orange peel, some fruit (Apple? Melon?), black licorice comes with time in the glass.

P: Rye bread, caraway, pepper, cherry, orange, mint, anise, some oak, cinnamon. Spicy.

F: Medium-long. Spicy with some orange, oak, cinnamon and pepper.

Overall: I think this is a decent, spicy, 100% Canadian rye. It’s a little unbalanced as it’s very spicy and the sweet and fruit aspects are very mild, but I like spicy ryes so it worked for me overall as a daily sipper. I do wish it didn’t have as much black licorice/anise though because I’m not really a fan. Unfortunately, for me this is a step down from the always good and available Lot 40 and is more than double the cost where I am. A decent alternative if you’re looking for a change of pace, but since Lot 40 is so much cheaper just get Lot 40.

Score: 79


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