Review #28: Bushmills 16

This is a review of Bushmills 16 bottled at 40%. The sample for this review came from my own bottle.

N: Very fruity with lots of red fruits (plums, dates, figs) as well as some banana and peaches, chocolate, mint, oak, orange peel. Nice and rich and fruity.

P: Very fruity again, pineapple, peaches and cream, honey, banana, raisins, milk chocolate, oak. Very thin.

F: Short. Peaches, cocoa, and oak. Slightly bitter at the end.

Overall: I love the flavours that came from the combination of bourbon, sherry, and port casks used to mature this. The dark fruits and chocolate mixed with the lighter more tropical fruits and honey were just delicious together. However, in my opinion being bottled at 40% and chill filtered just killed what could be a great whisky as the flavours are too muted with a watery mouthfeel. The whisky starts very nice with a lovely nose then starts to go downhill as the palate is also nice but washed out and then the finish too short and weak. If Bushmills took a lesson from Teeling and bottled this at 46% this could be fantastic.

Score: 80


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