Review #27: anCnoc 22

This is a review of anCnoc 22 bottled at 46%. The sample for this review came from a dram I had at a bar in a glencairn.

N: Dried fruits, strawberry compote, dark honey, candied orange, magnolia, cinnamon hearts. Very nice and fresh.

P: Strawberry, raisins, cinnamon buns, dark honey, tangerines, cloves, oak. Dessert like and complex.

F: Medium-long. Dried fruit, oranges, and oak spice.

Overall: I enjoyed this one quite a bit. I found it to be light but complex with nice clear dessert like notes that never became too sweet and some spice to balance it out. I think some extra proof to push this above 50% abv would give it a little extra punch that I think is needed for it to really be great, but this is very well done in my opinion and I’d be happy to sip on this anytime.

Score: 87


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