Review #26: Craigellachie 13

This is a review of Craigellachie 13 bottled at 46%. Thanks to /u/kinohead for the sample.

N: Malt, sour fruits (peach, apple), unripe banana, lemon, milk chocolate, wet stones, slightly floral.

P: Tangy apples and pears, banana, malt, vanilla, minerally, wine gums, pepper, lemon. Almost meaty mouthfeel.

F: Medium. Malty, sour fruits and a little bitterness.

Overall: This is a unique and fairly robust Speysider. It has more going on than I expected and is a little bit challenging. I found it to be almost meaty and a little sulphury which could be due to the use of worm tubs as I was reminded of some Mortlach I have had when trying this. I also wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they use wide cuts in the distilling run. The downside for me were the sour notes that start in the nose and continues through the finish which I didn’t enjoy very much and felt dominated the experience. I haven’t tried their their older bottlings yet but I’m hoping they were able to mute the sourness a bit and bring forward the other aspects of this malt.

Score: 77


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