Review #25: Aultmore 12

This is a review of Aultmore 12 bottled at 46%. Thanks to /u/Throzen for the sample.

N: Malt, pear, a lot of grass, vanilla, lime zest, pencil shavings, wet stones, nice balance between dry and sweet notes

P: Apples and pears, malt, grass, lime, dry, honey, pepper, graham crackers

F: Medium. Drying, malty, grass is prominent

Overall: Quite a nice young Speysider. Personally I really like how it has a dry profile as I tend to not like overly sweet whisky. It’s not extremely complex but has enough going on to keep things interesting. This is the first OB Aultmore I’ve had but I’ve had a couple IB’s before and their stuff continues to surprise me as I think this is a solid release that I’d take over quite a few entry-level drams.

Score: 79


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