Review #24: Forty Creek Evolution

This is a review of Forty Creek Evolution bottled at 43% which was the 2014 special release bottle from Forty Creek distillery. The sample for this review came from my own bottle.

N: Plums, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, a bit of spice I can’t pin down, panettone.

P: Fudge, grapes, prune juice, caramel, cinnamon, fruitcake. Thin and very sweet.

F: Short, fruity, and sweet.

Overall: This is definitely a step up from most Canadian whiskies and probably the best Forty Creek I’ve had. I found this a hard one to score though because while on one hand I do like what they tried to do, and think they were successful in some ways as I thought the fruitiness added an interesting twist and some complexity, in the end I felt it wasn’t able to overcome what I dislike in most Canadian whiskies as I still found it too thin and sweet for my tastes. For those reasons this isn’t one that I reach for very often at all and my final score reflects that.

Score: 75


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