Review #23: Forty Creek Barrel Select

This is a review of Forty Barrel Select bottled at 40%. The sample for this review came from my own bottle.

N: Lots of caramel, acetone, maple, vanilla, cardboard, some oak spice.

P: Very sweet, maple syrup, caramel, candy corn, vanilla, a touch of spice, grainy sweetness.

F: Short. Caramel, vanilla and some spice fade very quickly.

Overall: This is way too sweet for me. It is maple and caramel dominant from the nose right through to the finish and I think it would greatly improve from more spice to balance it out. There were also some off notes that I didn’t enjoy (acetone, cardboard) and I found it very thin with no finish. That being said I don’t think anyone is under the impression this was made to be a sipper and I do think this is slightly better than most cheap Canadians.

Score: 65


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