Review #20: Glenlivet Nadurra Oloroso

This is a review of Glenlivet Nadurra Oloroso bottled at 60.7%. Sample for the review came from a swap I did with /u/Lasidar.

N: Very fruity right away, dates, raspberry jam, vanilla, wax, apples, some citrus, really small amount of hay and nuts. A bit of heat but not too bad for 60%+.

P: I find this much hotter than the nose. Dry sherry up front, cherry syrup, apples, honey, nuts, cocoa powder, ginger, nice mouthfeel but this feels young as I’m not getting a lot of depth to the notes.

F: Medium. Sherry sweetness and some nuttiness carry for a bit before stopping abruptly.

Overall: This is not a bad dram by any means and everything definitely works, but it tastes young to me as its lacking depth and the finish stops very suddenly which was a surprise. If you are craving a sherry blast this should hit the spot but I feel like there are better options for a young sherry bombs and I’ll be sticking with A’bunadh or Glenfarclas 105 when looking for something in this category.

Score: 82


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