Review #18: Highland Park 15

This is a review of Highland Park 15 bottled at 40%. Sample for the review came from a swap I did a while back with /u/Devoz.

N: Blood orange, leather, lemon peel, dried leaves, soil, baked apple with honey and raisins.

P: Sweet peat, soft smoke, clove, orange, baked apple, ginger. The mouthfeel is really thin.

F: Medium. Soft smoke, baking spices, and cooked fruit.

Overall: This is different than Highland Park 12 but I wouldn’t say it is better. The mild smoke, cooked fruit and earthy flavours I really enjoyed together and this could have been a really nice dram but unfortunately the notes were all a little muted and the mouthfeel was so thin it detracted from everything. Saying that this would really benefit from being bottled at 46% and being non chill filtered is a huge understatement. If you are a fan of Highland Park and want a change of pace from the 12 year old I’d recommend giving this a try but if you’re not I think you can skip this and not miss out on too much.

Score: 80


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