Review #15: Writers Tears

This is a review of Writers Tears Irish whiskey bottled at 40%. Sample for the review came from a friend.

N: Light and sweet. Apples, pears, honey, wet stones, vanilla, orange peel. Small amount of acetone.

P: Apples, canned peaches, vanilla, ginger, toast, caramel, some oak.

F: Short. Malty and fruity with a bit of grass.

Overall: When I first started to really pay attention to my whisky a few years back I went through a bottle of this and remember enjoying it much more than I do now. I still find it very pleasant and easy to drink but I now find it too thin and the finish too short for me to mark it as high as I thought I would before having this sample. The flavours are very nice for the most part but there is a lack of depth and the slight acetone in the nose is another small drawback. I don’t hold this in as high a regard as I once did but I still think this is a big step up from Jameson/Bushmills white/Tullamore Dew etc. and I’ll still continue to recommend it to anyone looking for that as it makes for a nice light summer dram.

Score: 76


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