Review #12: Dillon’s Rye Cask #1

This is Dillon’s Rye Cask #1, aged for 42 months and bottled at 59%. Sample for the review came from my own bottle.

N: This is very spirit forward on the nose, lots of rye spice, glue, mild vanilla, mild caramel, with time it becomes a bit herbal and more sweetness develops with honey and graham crackers but it remains spirit driven with everything else playing a secondary role.

P: Rye spice, caramel, maple, vanilla, mild oak, slight herbal bitterness. This isn’t overly complex and is pretty hot without adding water. Adding water tames the heat but mutes the palate.

F: It has a decent length to the finish. Rye again followed by sweetness before becoming herbal with some anise.

Overall: Simply put I think this needs more time in the cask. I feel very much the same about this as I did when I had Still Waters Single Malt cask#1 in that it does have potential but needs at least double the cask time as it remains too spirit forward for me and doesn’t have enough richness and depth at this point. Maybe this is due to the Canadian climate it was aged in I’m not sure, but I really do feel like this could be great if aged similarly to most scotch at 8+ to even 20 years as the slow aging may add the complexity and depth I think it missing, it’s just not there yet.

Score: 70


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