Review #11: Teeling 21

This is Teeling 21 year old Vintage Reserve, aged in ex bourbon casks before being finished in ex-sauternes casks and bottled at 46%. Sample for the review came from my own bottl

N: A lot of tropical fruit right away, mangos, papayas, pineapple, honey, vanilla sugar cookies, orange peels, leather, tobacco, some oak and it’s a slightly floral. I love this nose, its complex, rich, and the tropical fruits are pronounced and delicious.

P: Slow arrival. Starts with tropical fruits, apricots, banana, pineapple, peach, malt, honey, fresh wood, leather, chili, and some ginger. Complex again, nicely balanced, becomes a little bitter at the end.

F: Medium-long finish. Mangos and other tropical fruits are dominant again before being balanced by some slightly bitter oak.

Overall: I think this is a great Irish whiskey. The nose is the best part for me and I always end up spending a long time just smelling this one when having a dram. The tropical fruits are just delicious and then the added depth and complexity are what put it over the top to make it great. The taste is a small step down compared to the nose as in comparison the notes seem a bit muted but it is still very nice and then it picks up again on the finish leaving you wanting more. This is one of the best Irish whiskies I’ve had for sure and I suggest you try it if you get the chance and you’re a fan of the style, I just wish it wasn’t so damn expensive.

Score: 90


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