Review #10: Knappogue Castle 12

This is Kappogue Castle 12 bottled at 40%. Sample for the review came from my own bottle.


N: Crisp apple, LOTS of peach, vanilla, honey. It’s very fruity and fresh. Also a mild grass note, but the peach is pretty dominant for me.


P: Its fresh and fruity again, lots of peaches (fresh peach, sour fuzzy peach candy), apple, malt, vanilla, mild caramel. It has a thin mouthfeel with a light effervescent quality.


F: Fruity and malty. The malt dies off quickly with the peach note hanging around a bit longer but the finish is pretty short overall.


Overall: This is a simple dram that is dangerously easy to drink but it is too out of balance with the dominant peach note from start to finish that overwhelmed everything else for me. I also think this really needs a higher abv to help the body and finish. I did happen to finish this bottle pretty quickly for me (I’m a sucker for fuzzy peaches) but I won’t be getting another, there are simply better Irish whiskies out there at a similar price point.


Score: 78


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