Review #9: Talisker 10

This is Talisker 10 year bottled at 45.8% for my 5th scotch review on reddit. Sample for the review came from my own bottle that has been open for about 10 months.

N: Lots of pepper, salt/brine, earthy-seawater style peat with some smoke, apple skins, some hay/dry grass, olives

P: peppery briny peat dominates, seaweed, malty, brown sugar, I find it quite minerally which adds some nice complexity, small amount of some nondescript stone fruit

F: Medium finish. Again dominated by pepper, brine and a hint of smoke, also some orange/citrus

Overall: This is a very good entry level malt in my opinion. It is balanced, more complex than I expected and the style of peat is quite unique and enjoyable. Of note I wish I did a review earlier on in the bottle as I thought this one lost some flavour intensity as I’ve made my way through this bottle and remember liking it more when first opened, it’s possible this one is more susceptible to oxidation than others. Overall this is a very solid dram perfect for the fall/winter.

Score: 82


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