Review #8: Amrut Peated

Back with another review for the Toronto Whisky Society this is Amrut Peated bottled at 46%. Sample for the review came from my own bottle.

N: Light to medium floral/earthy style peat, lemon, banana peel, vanilla, orange, some ethanol burn which is surprising based on the proof and my experience with other Amruts.

P: Medium earthy peat with a touch of smoke, some herbal/leafy note, vanilla, orange, bitter chocolate, banana.

F: Medium. It has a decent length, earthy peat with some smoke and a touch of bitterness.

Overall: This is not a bad dram by any means but isn’t anything to get excited about either in my opinion. The style of peat didn’t really click with me and I found the nose and taste to be a bit muddled with the finish redeeming it a bit. Amrut remains a top distillery in my book but if you’re looking to explore their range in my opinion you should start with the fusion and go from there.

Score: 79


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