Review #7: Lot 40 Cask Strength

Thanks to /u/Devoz from the Toronto Whisky Society for the sample from his own private 200 mL bottle of Lot 40 cask strength at 55.8% provided by Corby/Wisers.

N: Not surprisingly this has similar notes to the standard Lot 40 but with everything amplified. Lots of spice, rye, caraway, pepper, green/fresh wood, dark caramel, menthol, very little heat and a nice amount of oak to balance, dill also appears after a while and becomes quite prominent, this is a really nice nose.

P: Lots of spices are immediately apparent that echo the nose (rye bread, caraway, pepper), actually the whole thing very much echoes the nose with huge spices up front, some dark caramel, oak and dill. The only thing I picked up that wasn’t in the nose was a faint cherry like sweetness. This also has a much thicker mouthfeel than the standard Lot 40 and again is not as hot as I’d expect for 55.8%.

F: Very long and spicy with slight sweetness and oak. This notes in this dram seamlessly transition from nose to taste to finish.

Water: I didn’t add any water to this one.

Overall: This is the best Canadian whisky I have had and competes with some of the best ryes I’ve had as well. Out of curiosity I had a dram of THH 2015 right after to see how it stacked up and it definitely held its own (The THH beat it slightly with a score of 90). If this was a regular bottling it would have a permanent place on my shelf and would likely be a massive step towards changing the negative perception of Canadian whisky amongst most whisky fans. Why oh why won’t you let us have nice things Corby???

Score: 89


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