Review #6: Glendronach 1971 43y PX Single Cask

This is the 1971 Glendronach 43 year PX single cask at 48.6% abv for my sixth whisky review.

N: Raisins, old leather, dried leaves, lots of rich dried fruits, prunes, dates, figs, orange peel, gunpowder, pencils, you can definitely smell the oak but it’s not too much, there is some fresh fruit like strawberry as well, grape skins, balsamic. I nosed this for about 30 minutes before taking my first sip. Very complex.

P: A long, slow arrival with a thick mouthfeel. Raisins dominate again, oak, ginger, prunes/dates/figs again, its dry overall with a cooling aftertaste (like the sensation of mint but without the taste of mint), brown sugar like sweetness.

F: Pretty long but nothing crazy. You notice the wood/oak more here. Leather, less fruity than the nose or taste, brown sugar again.

Water: I didn’t add any water to this one. It was delicious at full strength and I only had 1 oz. so I wasn’t going to mess around with it.

Overall: This is the best whisky experience I’ve ever had to this point in my life. It had everything you’d want in a sherry bomb with so much added depth and great balance with the musty leather and oak notes. My new whisky goal is to somehow find something better.

Score: There’s no point in giving this an actual number value. It’s great. The best I’ve had and way better than something I’d previously rate around 90. If I had to I’d probably put it in the 96-99 range but I’d have to try a few more of this caliber before I’d know what the score should actually be.


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