Review #5: Old Pulteney 17yr

This is Old Pulteney 17 year old at 46% for my fifth whisky review.

N: It’s a soft, warm and inviting nose. There’s vanilla, pie crusts, beeswax and oatmeal. There’s a minerally quality with wet rocks and slight salt as well. It’s nice and well put together but doesn’t completely wow me. After a while I get a little lemon peel and grassiness as well.

P: There is a seamless transition from the nose. Vanilla, pastries and baked goods, nuts (almonds/walnuts), and brine. It’s waxy with a good mouthfeel and there’s a touch of bitterness like the peel of a citrus fruit. I like the taste a lot, better than the nose for me.

F: Long. Vanilla and salt lead the way with a little lemon zest.

Water: A few drops of water brings out more citrus on the nose and palate.

Overall: This is very well done. It’s easy to drink with enough complexity to keep me interested. It would need a little something extra like a higher abv to make it a great dram but I’d be happy drinking this anytime. It is one that offers something for novices and experienced drinkers alike and if I found it at a good price I’d think about getting a bottle. I am getting an Old Pulteney 18 yr single cask shortly and having this has made me look forward to the potential of that one for sure.

Score: 84



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