Review #4: The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14yr

This is The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 year old at 43% for my fourth whisky review.

N: The nose is very mild at first, not getting a whole lot. Eventually there’s malt, molasses, and old dry leaves as well as the usual vanilla, honey, appleskin and grassiness I get from other Balvenies but these notes are toned down compared to other expressions I’ve had. A little bit of spiciness, maybe ginger? Overall the nose is shy and difficult to pick out specific notes for me.

P: Malt, cane sugar, banana bread and grapefruit as well as faint vanilla and honey. Just like the nose the taste is quite light again. I also find it hot for 43% and with a thin mouthfeel.

F: A short, malty and sweet finish. The sweetness lasts the longest.

Water: I didn’t add any water to this one as I found it too thin at full strength.

Overall: I have to say I was fairly disappointed by this malt. It doesn’t have any big flaws or anything but just did not impress me in any way. In my experience The Balvenie has been solid but unspectacular for the most part but this and the Triple Cask 12 are ones to avoid from their range IMO. I must also say that I have not had good experiences with rum cask whiskies so far and think I will be avoiding them moving forward unless recommended by someone I trust, so if you do like other rum cask drams you may view this very differently than I do. Glad I got to try it but I won’t be looking for a bottle after this.

Score: 75


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