Review #2: Still Water’s Cask Strength Single Malt Cask #1

This is the Still Water’s Single Malt Cask Strength Cask#1 at 62.3% abv for my second whisky review.

N: It is hot and there is an alcohol sting at first but it fades quickly, fresh apple, dry grass, slight malt and caramel, after a few minutes I get an herbal menthol/mint note which is quite nice.. almost rye like, overall its simple, nice and pleasant. Water tames any burn and doesn’t reveal anything new at first but after 10+ minutes some ginger like spice develops which adds some complexity. I feel like the nose gets better with time.

P: Hot again at first, mild fruitiness, malt and caramel, small sips needed to get much out of this because of the abv. Pears and apples become apparent with a few drops of water, also a grassiness and nuts like almonds. The taste does not live up to the nose unfortunately.

F: A long and dry finish. The herbal menthol/mint rye note comes back on the finish and lingers.

Water: I think adding some water is a must for this one. It adds to the nose and tames the palate.

Overall: I have mixed feelings about this one. I have become a fan of this simple style of malt over the last year so it clicked with me in that regard but you could tell it is young and is kind of unbalanced with a nice nose and finish but falling apart on the palate which is reflected in the final score. That being said this stuff holds some serious potential in my mind and I’ll be looking forward to what they can produce when they start to put out 10+ year old malts. Keep up the good work Sill Waters, I’ll be looking to try your cask strength rye next.

Score: 76


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