Review #1: Amrut PX Sherry Single Cask

This is the Amrut PX Single Cask at 56.5% abv for my first ever whisky review. This bottle was an LCBO exclusive that is now not available any longer.

N: Right away I’m hit with red fruit and quite a bit of malt, grape skins or raisins as well as some damp leaves or tobacco and some spicy pepper. There is some shoe or wood polish as well and you really feel the alcohol burn when getting too close

P: Lots of malt again with black currants and cherries, chocolate, spices like pepper and ginger and a little orange peel. It is sweet overall with a thick mouth feel

F: Very long sweet and malty

Water: Adding a few drops of water really tames any burn and gives it more balance. It gets sweeter and the orange peel is more noticeable on the palate. I’d recommend a few drops with this.

Overall: I like this one quite a bit and rushed out to grab a bottle after trying this sample as it was recently put on clearance in my province. It tastes a lot older than it is and the PX casks do not overwhelm the spirit despite being aged exclusively in them. This sample has made me look forward to opening the bottles of Portonova and Fusion I picked up a little while ago as well as trying other Amruts in the future.

Score: 88



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